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Dynamical Systems Lab (DSL), led by Prof. Piyush Grover in Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, focusses on modeling and analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems with an eye on design, control and optimization for engineering applications. Our current focus is on active fluids, mean-field control, mean-field games and nonlinear waves in mechanical metamaterials.

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Areas of Research

Dynamical Systems theory, reduced-order modeling, control and optimization with applications to:

  • Microfluidics and active fluids (chaotic mixing, topological chaos, flow control)
  • Large-scale multi-agent systems (swarm robotics, traffic) via mean-field games and mean-field control theory
  • Energy transfers and wave propagation in nonlinear metamaterials and achitectured materials
  • Atmospheric Flows (Reduced-order modeling , LiDAR data-assimilation)
  • Astrodynamics (Low-energy space mission design)
  • Buoyancy driven flow in built environment (control of HVAC)

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